Western University Music Building Addition & Renovation – LEED Gold
January 1, 2017
Western University Biological and Geological Sciences Renovation
January 1, 2017
This project was a new $24 million, 13,000 m2 two-storey secondary school designed for 1,200 students. The facility includes 45 classrooms, a double gymnasium and a cafeteria. Sustainable design features include a Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) which provides ventilation and includes an energy recovery wheel. Heating systems provide low temperature return water to achieve peak efficiency from the condensing boiler plant. Air distribution systems achieve optimal ventilation efficiency and demand-based ventilation control systems were provided for areas with highly variable occupancy. Energy efficient features include condensing boilers, low flow plumbing fixtures, demand control ventilation, daylighting, and occupancy sensors. The school is predicted to use less than 50% of the energy used by a building constructed to OBC minimum requirements. The project was completed in 2013.


$24 Million


13,000 m2


London, ON


Nicholson Sheffield Architects

Year Completed: