Western University Music Building Addition & Renovation – LEED Gold
January 1, 2017
Western University Biological and Geological Sciences Renovation
January 1, 2017

This project was a $6.7 million, 49,000 m2 HVAC and dehumidification project at the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply Plant in Grand Bend, ON, which included a 1,700 m2 pumping station. This project involved extensive upgrades to existing HVAC systems to address severe condensation and temperature issues in the facility. 12 custom air-handling units and 2 industrial dehumidification systems were built in place on site and a new DDC building control system was designed and installed to service all HVAC infrastructure. Approximately 1 MW of electric heat was replaced with a central hydronic heating system with three 1.5 million BTU condensing boilers. This plant operates 24/7 supplying drinking water to a wide swath of southwestern Ontario. All construction was completed with no interruptions to plant operation..


$6.7 Million


HVAC 49,000 m2 ; Pumping Station 1,700 m2


Grand Bend, ON


City of London, Regional Water Supply

Year Completed: